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Technical Services

INFRARED TESTING; Infrared testing of roofs is done to determine the cause of roof leaks or to determine the presence of wet materials (insulation) that may need to be removed. This can be done prior to replacement or as an indicator of the cause of leaks. R&B trained professionals are available to perform INFRARED TESTING using the latest state of the art equipment.

ROOF AUDITS & LIFE CYCLE COST ANALYSIS; for an assessment of a roof condition for the purpose of helping with management decisions about your roof. R&B can perform a Roof Audit & Life Cycle Cost Analysis report on any facility. Full written reports are provided for our customers use detailing existing condition and remaining life expectancy along with a plan of action for budgeting repairs or replacement. These reports are also invaluable to our customers who are considering the sale, re-financing or purchase of any type of commercial building.

QUALITY ASSURANCE; R&B professionals are available to review details or specifications, or to provide quality assurance inspections for projects.

SEMINARS & Training; R&B holds "lunch pail" seminars for clients which cover a wide range of roofing topics including; *why certain roof systems are more suitable for different building uses or geographic regions *the strengths and weaknesses of the different roof systems including what factors are used in making the determination of one roof system over the other *trends in the roofing industry and their effect on replacement and maintenance cost *types of roof insulation and other components that make a difference in the cost to heat and cool a building

Detail and Specification Selection; R&B can provide assistance to our customers in selection of roofing details or make specification recommendations based on building type, use and geographic location.