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R&B Roofing is totally committed to safety. We believe that all accidents are avoidable and provide a safe working environment. The safety of our employees and those working around us is our constant concern.

Safety Program

Senior management is involved in all aspects of our safety program, which is overseen by a full-time safety director.

  • We maintain a comprehensive safety manual with detailed policies and procedures.
  • All employees, regardless of position, are trained in their safety responsibilities and proper safe work procedures.
  • Site-specific safety plans are developed for each of our worksites. These are then audited by our safety director to ensure compliance with safety programs, procedures, and written safety rules are enforced.
  • Because of our top-down commitment to employee safety training and our written programs, we maintain an extremely low injury and loss rate.
  • Our Workers Compensation EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is one of the lowest in our industry.

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